OpenTourism is an initiative by people who love tourism and work in it, so that it becomes a point of reference and of open dialogue regarding Tourism.

The main goal of OpenTourism is –apart from exchanging opinions and business ideas- also creating a better tourism culture by promoting knowledge & synergies amongst people and stakeholders of the sector, i.e. tourism enterprises, local community, employees, local government, ect.

Open Meetings for Tourism – Open Tourism

What is it?

Open meetings between people who love and work in the wider tourism sector, in order to increase knowledge & create synergies for a better & qualitative Tourism.

How does it work?

• It takes place on a fixed date every month, in a central point of each destination
• Entrance is free
• Any interested person can take part
• Tie is not compulsory but rather undesirable

How did it all start?
23 February 2007. Saul Klein, an active businessman, announces through his blog that he will be in a Starbucks store in Central London, available for anyone who wishes to meet him. Just like that, without any fanfare, high standards or great expectations. The first meeting turned out to be a success.
6 months later,the idea had already been spread in 66 cities, in all four corners of the earth: from Cape Town to Helsinki and from Sidney to Vancouver, as well as in Greece from the summer of 2007. The Greek version of the meetings was launched by GeorgeTziralis (PhD candidate in the National Technical University of Athens) and Themis Papadimopoulos (at that time, President of JEDA Hellas). Almost 3 years later, OpenCoffee.gr constitutes the web version of the meetings and serves as the information hub on Greek start-ups.
14 April 2010. A few persons from the tourism industry received the following message from Georgia Zouni (at that time, PhD candidate in Tourism Marketing and vice-president of MBA in Tourism) and Themis Papadimopoulos (president of MBA in Tourism), following relevant discussion with Sotiris Varelas (PhD candidate in University of Piraeus):
“Dear friends, after opencoffee, the first *open* Meeting on Tourism is now a fact. It will take place on Monday 19/4 at 19.00 at Ginger (Mavili). All who love tourism are welcome! See you there”
19 April 2010. On Monday afternoon at 19.00 we were all there: Bloggers, executives of local authorities and relevant ministries, students, journalists, hoteliers, businessmen, tourist managers. The first meeting was more of a declaratory nature, so the number of 45 people gathered was far exceeded the expected.
Since then, OT became an institution with special guests and important events such as:
• Online open discussion with the Culture and Tourism Minister Pavlos Geroulanos as a guest speaker.
• Anniversary Opentourism for World Tourism Day with guest Alexandros Angelopoulos, a member of the Board of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels and Executive Director at Aldemar.

Follow us this year in thematic meetings with presentations of tourism entrepreneurs / projects / issues!
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In case you would like to be an Opentourism event host for your destination, please contact us at opentourismgr@gmail.com & papadimopoulos@gmail.com or gzouni@gmail.com